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Solar Panel Electric System Contractor in LAHaving a Solar Panel Electric system installed by Tiger Patio Contractor in LA you will find incredible benefits such as:

  • Save on Electric bills or wipe them out completely!

  • Escape the annual rising Electric cost in LA

  • Federal Tax Credits

  • Increase property value

  • Option to add a battery back-up for power outages

  • Environmentally friendly

Patio - Solar Panel Electric System Contractor in LASolar made Simple in LA

Solar Panel Electric power in LA is certainly not a new thing; however, Solar Panel technology in LA over the years has never really made it a cost-effective solution for many LA homeowners. Recent Solar Panel technology has effectively been able to reduce the weight, increase efficiency and lower costs to make Solar Panel Electric power in LA the ideal choice for LA homes. When you pull up most websites with information about Solar Panel Electric installations in LA you will find yourself quickly over whelmed with terms, statistics and pricing that doesn’t quite make sense; at Tiger Patio Solar Panel Contractor in LA we have simplified the process to say this: we install high-efficiency Solar Panels that will reduce your Electric bill… period.

What is Solar Panel Electric power in LA?

A Solar Panel Electric system in LA is the environmentally friendly way of creating efficient Electric for your home or business. It allows you to collect the sun’s energy to produce Electric. The official term for “Solar Electric” is “photovoltaic” energy, which simply means Electric from light. A Tiger Patio’s Contractor providing Solar Panel Electric systems in LA collects energy using Solar Panels mounted on the roof of your LA home. Then an inverter converts the energy generated through the Solar Panels to a usable form to power your LA home or business. Solar Panel in LA Electric has been proven to be a safe and reliable technology. In many cases if your Tiger Patio’s Contractor’s Solar Panel Electric systems in LA produces more power than you consume you can even sell back the excess power to the local Electric company!

Save - Solar Panel Electric System Contractor in LAWhy choose Tiger patio Contractor for my Solar Panel Contractor needs?

For years Tiger Patio Contractor has been providing LA area residents with the highest quality patio cover construction. Our commitment to the highest standards of customer satisfaction has given us a great reputation in the LA area with many of our customers wanting us to build a patio cover for energy efficiency and comfort; so naturally Solar Panel Electric systems just make sense.

Because of our high standard of construction in LA our patio covers are built out of aluminum and steel (not wood) and are ideal to support Solar Panel Electric systems. Often times LA roofs do not have enough space, or the roof of the home is not facing in an ideal direction for Solar Panel Electric system use, are shaded or obstructed or are simply not strong enough to support a Solar Panel Electric system. Tiger patio Contractor serving LA becomes the clear choice to combine outstanding patio cover construction with the cost-effective measures of a Solar Panel Electric system. Plus with our years of service in the industry, we can offer lower Contractor costs than the big Solar Panel companies.

Save Money - Solar Panel Electric System Contractor in LASolar Panel Electric System Function & Sizing in LA

Solar Panel Electric technology in LA features large Panels of collectors consisting of silicon-coated cells. When the Solar Panel receives sunlight, Electric fields are directed to electrons, resulting in a flow of Electric current. Solar Panel Electric systems in LA require specific components to properly conduct, control, convert, distribute, and store the energy produced by the Solar Panels. Because of the sensitive nature of this technology Tiger Patio Contractor only uses the best quality parts from top-rated manufacturers for your Solar Panel Electric system in LA.

Tiger Patio Contractor in LA will professionally design your Solar Panel Electric system based on your unique needs which include factors such as: cost savings, environmental benefits, backup power needs and budget. Using the power of the sun, along with common sense energy practices in your home in LA we have seen Electric bills reduced by up to 60 percent or more!

Your Solar Panel Investment in LA

Balancing the cost of Tiger Patio’s Contractor providing Solar Panel Electric systems in LA’s initial costs versus your Electric savings is always something to take into consideration. Even though the quality of materials, energy output and cost savings have dramatically changed over the years in LA many customers often get a sticker shock when getting the initial estimate. Tiger Patio Contractor can help you calculate how long it will take for your Solar power Electric system to not only pay for itself but begin to see a dramatic reduction, or elimination of, your Electric bill. There are also many government incentive programs in LA that you can take advantage of that will significantly reduce the initial investment as well as give you annual tax incentives because you’re using green energy. 

Green Energy - Solar Panel Electric System Contractor in LAWhy use Solar Panel Electric in LA?

Customers who are investing in Solar Panel Electric for their homes and businesses are making a positive difference in our LA community. A Solar Panel Electric system can reduce or eliminate the amount of Electric you need to purchase from your LA Electric company. It will save you on your monthly Electric bill and provide you stability against future utility cost increases in LA. Reducing your carbon footprint with the use of your Solar Panel Electric system in LA will help your community by reducing the demand on the Electric grid and can even help provide additional Electric for the LA grid should you generate more than you use during the day. Most importantly, the Electric generated by your Solar power Electric system in LA is clean, renewable and reliable.

Solar Panel Electric Conservation vs. Effeciency in LA

While it is true that power from the sun in LA is free; Solar Panels themselves are not. Many homeowners in LA today do not take the time to find out that they can anticipate a return investment within their anticipated ownership. For this reason many LA homeowners do not consider Solar Panel energy as a good investment. But for those homeowners that are looking for a sound investment in LA that will increase the value of their home; Solar Panel Electric systems are not only a smart investment but one that will continue to give back in ways other than the pocketbook.

A primary focus of a LA homeowner wanting to invest in Solar Panel Electric technology should be conservation and efficiency. Conservation involves changing how you use energy (such as turning off the lights every time you leave a room). This is a choice – making an effort to minimize your energy consumption. Efficiency, on the other hand, is reducing energy consumption in LA without changing your lifestyle by using more efficient appliances, light bulbs and fixtures. When conservation and efficiency work hand in hand you can reduce your energy demand and becoming more energy efficient in LA. When you add a Solar Panel Electric system to this equation you will find you will have a surplus of energy that can be sold back to the LA Electric company saving both your community and environment from the use of precious resources.

Cost Effective Solutions - Solar Panel Electric System Contractor in LAHow big should my Solar powered Electric system in LA be?

Tiger Patio’s Contractor providing Solar Panel Electric systems in LA are sized for each home or business owner based on several factors: energy production expectations, roof size, reduction in monthly Electric bills, environmental benefits, desire for backup power, and initial budget. A good starting point is to review your current annual Electric needs, measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh). Tiger Patio Contractor will be able to determine how much Electric your system will produce, which will also give you an idea of how much savings you might see once your system is installed and generating power.

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